Cody_grateCody came to us with severe phobias of drains and grates. His owner is an avid runner and wanted Cody to go on jogs with her. But, due to “Cody’s” fear of grates and drains, he would often cause her to have to re-route her run and, at times, would cause her to trip and fall over him when he made a sudden stop. “Cody” also had issues with jumping on people and over-excitement when guests would come over, preventing Sheena from keeping him under control.

After a four week board and train, Cody showed significant improvements. You will see a photo to the side showing him sitting and staying comfortably on a grate without being held by leash. His obedience is now very reliable even under previously distracting and exciting environments. After all of this, both we and Sheena discovered what a smart, hard-working, and loving dog Cody truly is. Below is her testimony.

“Andrew addressed every concern I had, from simple commands and manners to my dog’s fear of drains. Not only did he explain my dog’s behavioral issues, but also helped me to understand my role. After every session, all of my questions were answered and I felt more and more confident in my dog as well as myself as an owner. Now, “Cody” gets regular comments on his good behavior and I have no fear of tripping over my jogging partner.”

-Sheena P. (2011)



“Foxie is a board and train program graduate who exhibited a number of behavioral and problematic behaviors ranging from “over-excitement”, jumping on guests, anxiety, and mild aggression towards other dogs.  This combination presented her owners who had a two year old and a newborn with overwhelming stress.  After a four-week board and train and re-entry, Foxie is now not only a pleasure to be around as a guest, but she is finally the dog her owners always wanted her to be.  Below is Shae’s testimony.

“Foxie is an adult female boxer that was full of energy. She would jump and spin uncontrollably when any attention was shown towards her. She barked and charged the door relentlessly when the doorbell rang or when someone knocked on the door and it was very difficult to get her under control. Because of her high energy, she was also challenging to safely walk, especially with our young children. Because of these problems, it was stressful to have her around the family and especially guests.

Andrew provided insight on dog psychology—the meaning behind Foxie’s behavior and how she interprets our behavior. He did an excellent job modeling for us. It was amazing to see how she responded so positively to him, a stranger! He took step-by-step in allowing us to practice applying the principles he taught us. Andrew is personable, professional and very patient.

Foxie is now a new dog to us! As we follow through with the things we were taught, Foxie’s high energy is under control. She is eager to please us with responding to our commands immediately. Long walks are now enjoyable! She rarely barks when she hears the doorbell or when someone knocks on the door and does not charge anymore. If she does bark, she stops after the first command. We are experiencing the respect from her as the authority in our home and are finally stress free when we have guests and to have her around the family!”

-Shae H. (2013)


milt_mary“Roxie  was 4 years old when we asked Andrew to help with her. She would not heel.  We tried everything we knew and what some well meaning people told us to do, but nothing worked.  

She literally had hurt our shoulders by this time. (Milt has a “frozen shoulder” from it).  Andrew took her one time and she was better.  We asked him to take her and work with her for a couple of weeks.  When she returned to us, she was a different doggie.  

She learned to heel without a leash! When on the leash, she now heals immediately without us having to be constantly  pulling on the leash to get her to stop pulling us.

We are so glad to have had Andrew help with Roxie.  Because we travel and stay in people’s homes often it was necessary to have our dog well trained.  Everywhere we go people are amazed at how well Roxie behaves and how well trained she is. We tell every one of them about Andrew, his methods and how he was the one responsible for her training.  Andrew’s love of dogs is inspiring.”

-Milt & Mary R. (2012)

Sparky & Neon

Sparky_Neon (22) copy“We have Sparky and Neon who are both rescues. We thought we had two very happy boys until January 2013, when Sparky, who was 9 months old, started to mature. They both began developing aggression problems with each other resulting in a number of trips to the vet for medical attention. The vet suggested we call Gleason K-9 for help. I called that day! Andrew was out of town but very concerned about our stress and the safety of our dogs. He stayed on the phone with me for an hour until I felt comfortable, instructing us in great detail how to handle the dogs until he returned.They also had a variety of other issues from over-excitement, pulling us on walks, and difficulty at the vet’s office and fear of noises and men. We live with, and care for my elderly mother and we were always worried that the dogs, in their over-excited state, might knock her down or trip her.

 Andrew explained the type of training both I and the dogs
needed and took them both for three weeks of Board and Train. He also helped us understand canine psychology. It all made sense. Our dogs, first and foremost, needed a leader. We didn’t know how Neon was going to do with Andrew since he had issues with men, but Andrew won him over in no time. Both dogs have such love and respect for Andrew. We visited the dogs three times while they were in training and watched Andrew work with them. We were amazed at the changes in our dogs. They are so smart and well behaved now. Andrew worked with us until we understood everything we needed to know to continue the dogs’ progress. I am totally impressed with Andrew’s knowledge and professionalism. What he has done with our dogs is truly remarkable, even the vet is impressed with how well they are doing!

It is so nice not having to worry about the safety of my mother, Sparky or Neon. Now, they are well behaved, calm, happy and well-balanced dogs. Walks are now fun and relaxing. We are forever grateful for everything Gleason K-9 and Andrew have done not only for our dogs but us as well. This is one huge stress that we no longer deal with. We continue to work with Andrew on how to handle the dogs properly and we enjoy learning how to keep our dogs happy!”

-Linda G. (2013)